Tucker Carlson Just Gave Every American A Powerful Warning, Will You Listen?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has had his share of light-hearted moments on air, but he was not in the mood for joking recently in the wake of the deeply tragic Manchester arena bombing, which has been attributed to ISIS.

 Addressing his viewers, Carlson just gave Americans a powerful warning. Began Tucker, “Why is violent terrorism an inevitability in Europe now? Europe is getting used to attacks like this because they have to. We shouldn’t be surprised that radical views are common among Western Muslims because they’re even more common in their home nations.”
 He then quoted statistics where 20% of Muslims in Britain sympathize with ISIS, and 29% of Muslims in France think Sharia law is more important than French law. Said Tucker, “If you really cared about America, you wouldn’t want it to become Europe: dangerous, divided unstable. You wouldn’t import a massive Muslim minority into your country simply because it made you feel open-minded and virtuous and then hope for the best. That’s a faith-based approach and it’s nuts. We know exactly what will happen if we do that because we’re watching it live on television in Manchester right now.”

He added, “If you really cared about the country you led, you’d figure out how to make sure that every person you imported—of any religion—enthusiastically shared your most cherished values: tolerance, pluralism, free speech and equality under the law, just for starters. You’d tell them not to litter, by the way, when they’re here too.”

He then called out liberals in the West for weakening our own culture, saying, “We do the opposite. Our leaders worship multiculturalism so we encourage immigrants to REJECT our culture in favor of their own because ‘all cultures are equal.’ But they’re not all equal, as we were reminded last night with the murder of children in an arena in Manchester.” Concluded Tucker, “Defend what you believe or you will lose it. That’s the message of Manchester. Just as it is the basic lesson of all of history.” Should we listen to Tucker’s powerful message?

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